Sunday, July 8, 2007

Outré in the Membrane! Outré in the Brain!

Sorry for channeling Cypress Hill there; it's because the original topic for this post, a riff on the Cosby Show episode where Bill Cosby starts making bizarre exotic foods for his family, including turtle feet soup, was so off-the-wall. I found a pro-whaling article from Der Spiegel archived in my e-mail folder for potential blog posts; it was called "You Can Have Your Whale and Eat It, Too." I also found, while looking for information on bechamel sauces earlier, a Bobby Flay recipe for fallow deer that looks pretty good, if totally not kosher.

The scientific name for the fallow deer, by the way, reminds me of Culture Club, or maybe Ogden Nash.

Anyway, all of that got derailed when my Google Alert updated me to something more relevant to this blog: the original and oldest Dr. Pepper bottler is still making the soda in Dublin, Texas, with cane sugar, which as everyone who isn't drinking aspartame or sucralose-filled beverages knows makes for a tastier soda. But, due to the franchise agreements, one can only get real sugar Dr. Pepper in and around Waco, Texas. Sad, but temptingly tasty.

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