Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pancakes and Cheese on Steak

Last night, I posted about Dunkin' Donuts' problems with Jews and Muslims (goodness only knows what they do in the Middle East - a no win, there).

Today, I note that the International House of Pancakes, a chain of stores known for selling mediocre pancakes and sugar syrup in bizarre combinations (and having really annoying ads about same) is buying Applebee's.

Evidently, despite product placement in Will Ferrell's Talledega Nights (best line from the outtakes: "you may think it's a good idea to run around with an empty milk jug full of gasoline...") Applebee's has not been doing as well financially as, say, California Pizza Kitchen. This could be because, as I always note when I see an Applebee's commercial, all they sell is steak with disgustingly viscous cream sauces on top. Their website does not disabuse one of this notion, and raises the bar with an unknown "celebrity chef" who looks like a cross between Jason Bateman and Eddie Izzard, without the charm or cross-dressing. America may have no taste, but I don't think there's a huge market for steak drowned in cream sauce. Just plain steak will do.

The market seems to be cool to the Pancake/Saucy Steak merger. According to the Forbes article I just linked, it's because restaurant investors aren't wowed by the concept of restructuring the same way the rest of the corporate world is. I can understand, especially since I can't stand Applebee's product.

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