Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today's Google Alert Contributions

News from the internet -

The biggest thing I learned today: evangelical Christians, the kind Mandy Moore is not sorry she made fun of, have an alternate MySpace called "DittyTalk." On which they semi-coherently extol/debate the virtues of Dr. Pepper.

Another one of the alerts I have is for "steak diane," a dish which combines both slabs of meat and flambé cooking. There is a recipe on this site which uses both margarine and butter, for reasons I cannot understand. If it just had margarine, it seems, it would be kosher. It wouldn't taste as good, but why use margarine in any part of the recipe if you're not restricted by kashrut? I mean, you'd have your choice of butter or leaf lard, both awesomely tasty solid fats.

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Sherbs said...

I love DirtyTalk. Amazing, purely amazing. I think MM and her Saved crew would be proud. Not the girl who's preggers, though.