Thursday, March 22, 2007

But it's Thursday, not Frieday

In response to The Pedant, no, I do not want to try deep frying a veggie cheeseburger. That's ridiculous. Fried food, for the most part, is just gross*.

If I'm going to eat that many calories, might as well be with cheese or chocolate.

And NOT with Boca burgers. Those things are gross. I'm a Morningstar Farm girl through and thorough.

*The exceptions: Eggplant Parmesan at a restaurant, latkes, onion rings every 10-15 months, tempura ice cream with Stoner, a mozzarella stick once in a while, and diner french fries. Mmmm... Oh, and anything that's Chinese and fried is in a different category. Since it's part of my religion, the calories don't count. Right God?


The Pedant said...

Deep-frying is a gift from the Divine. You are a blasphemer.

Annie said...

I agree with Sherbs. Deep-fried stuff often gives me a tummyache.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on the pedant's original deep fried food post. The deep fried grilled cheese sandwich gave me a tummy ache like whoa*


*"like whoa" meaning "that made me feel barfy until 2 am."