Monday, March 26, 2007

Sick Day

1) Good job Annie and Aunt L.! They guessed the tee-shirts correctly. Matzah Ball is my favorite.

2) I agree with The Pedant about what he said about Pirates of Penzance. It was very good.

3) Today, I am sick. I usually do not get very sick - not more than a head cold. In middle school and high school I tried to get sick, so as to miss school, but failed. Alas, I needed to learn the ways of Ferris Bueller from an early age.

Therefore, I will probably not post much today. I have eaten nothing exciting (a lot of toast and jam, some pasta last night and ThermaFlu which is disgusting). And, I have a headache. And now--movie time!

1 comment:

The Pedant said...

The tough part in becoming Ferris Bueller is hooking up your intercom to the tape recorder. Also, the snoring dummy.