Monday, March 5, 2007

Leaning Tower of Pizza

Anyone who has talked to me in the past few days knows there was supposed to get a pizza party at work, but for various reasons, it was postponed. I was bummed. But today, we had the pizza party! (Why? Because I made lunch last night.) And, boy, for kosher pizza, it was tasty.

It actually came from the cafeteria (go fig!) and it contained the 3 things I deem necessary for pizza:
  1. Lots of cheese
  2. A good amount of crust that isn't too dry
  3. a very tasty tomato sauce
That sauce was very good. So good, in fact, I ate 2 slices. It was full of oregano and very fresh.

I relatively hate canned tomato sauce. I grew up with my mom making her own, with lots of garlic, and lots of hot pepper. So that's how I learned to make it. Thinks made from a can when it's easier, healthier, and MUCH tastier to make yourself I think are cop-outs. This holds true for tomato sauce, cake, cookies, some soups. It never holds true for macaroni and cheese from a box. That stuff is awesome! And as much as some days you want a good, cheesy, greasy slice of NYC pizza, sometimes a better made one is just what I need.



Annie said...

You haven't had my/my mom's macaroni and cheese from scratch. It is, without a doubt, my favorite food.

Sherbs said...

Oh, wait. I have had that, and it's good. I do like baked macaroni and cheese, but there is nothing like Mac and cheese from a box. Mostly because my mom never let me eat it as a kid (I wonder why...maybe because food isn't supposed to be that yellow?) so I love, love,love it still. But I can appreciate a good home-made baked macaroni and cheese.

The Pedant said...

Did you have Mom's macaroni and cheese from scratch, or the macaroni and cheese from a box?

Because Mom makes one from a roux which is decadent.