Friday, March 2, 2007

My Hat Has 3 Corners and Chocolate

Ack! Work has been busy for The Pedant and me, which is probably why we aren't posting as much as we used to. Perhaps one day our lives will calm down? I'm not sure...

I did, however, last night find some time to get together with Smel, Stoner, Preppy, and Smel's Mantastic Man to bake humantaschen. Now, there's an activity worth blogging about. Granted none of them had Dr. Pepper, although Smel did eat humantaschen and DDP for breakfast (I had rice crispies, her breakfast was probably more delicious).

[Offensive part start]

Now, I think Purim is a stupid holiday based off of a very ironic and humours biblical book. (For a bibliography about the ironies and satire in Esther, please email me.) Therefore, since the holiday is based on a parody of Jews in Exile and has no theological basis, it is not one of my favorite holidays. And, I no longer love dressing up in costume. Or care about megillah reading. I usually participate in festivities because I work for Jewish youth and have no choice...

[Offensive part end]

I do LOVE humantaschen. They are cookies and we all know I like those. And homemade cookies are stellar. So are store bought ones, unless they have poppy seeds. Only old men and The Pedant enjoy those. Last night, we had fun making humantaschen with no trace of poppy. We used strawberry jam, apricot jam, Hershey's kisses (milk and dark chocolate), peanut butter cups and peppermint patties. Some even contained a combo of 2 of the aforementioned fillings. Some of them had cocoa powder mixed into the dough for extra caloric goodness.

Now, if there is something you want to try one day, it's baking with a peppermint patty. They get all gooey and the insides start spilling out. It's amazing.

Now you are all invited over to consume many delicious humatashen.

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