Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More on Krispy Kremeburgers

So, after last night's post about the amazing wheat doughnut, and its possibilities as a bun for hamburgers, I lay in bed thinking about how to try to make the whole concept palatable to the Sherbs, who is right now ill and not thinking very much about food, but even on the best of days does not appreciate a food for pure decadence.

Or foods involving suet, for that matter. (Thank you Emeril for having an example of something the Sherbs would never, ever eat).

Anyway, I was thinking about the bacon-cheeseburger on a whole wheat Krispy Kreme, and I thought - maybe I can make it a veggie bacon cheeseburger! I know Morningstar Farms has a tasty veggie burger (and, in fact, they have one in cheddar flavor if you don't want to add cheese) and also makes veggie bacon.

If you don't use the cheddar-flavored burger, you'd need to use American cheese, as real cheese will fight with the flavor of the doughnut glaze.

As for other toppings, I'm wrought. I like my burgers with onion, tomato, and condiments, but I don't know how they'd go with wheat doughnuts. Maybe Heinz 57 sauce would work - it's like ketchup, but with garlic powder and more raisins.

Well, now I'm hungry.


Annie said...

You eat some weird crap.

The Pedant said...

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are kosher; you should consider the burger concept for one of your soirees.

Annie said...

ew. no.

And I am aware of their kashrut, I've even eaten a few. But still, eeeeew. Also, they are probably dairy.

Sherbs said...

I agree with Annie. Pedant, your tastes are weird...let's stick with bagels for sandwhiches...