Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Pirates! The Pirates! Oh Despair!

I, the Sherbs, Stoner, and someone I don't have a clever pseudonym for saw the City Opera's Pirates of Penzance on Saturday night, and it was awesome. It was the first production of Pirates I've seen that acknowledges that everything going on in the operetta is astonishingly silly, down to the concept that there would be swashbuckling pirates off the coast of Penzance at the time when the British navy had dominance over seas far from its shores, much less off the coast of Wales.

Instead, the City Opera gave the whole production a Monty Python-like character, down to giant caricatures and anachronistic references (my favorite was, during the song about the "paradox," there was briefly a slide of Oscar Wilde to illustrate the concept of "an ill-natured fairy"). It was spectacular fun, and if you can still get a ticket to its remaining week in the City, I recommend it.

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Annie said...

CJ and I are going on Thursday for my birthday outing! I am so excited.

I especially like how the playbill has an introduction by the "talk like a pirate day" guys.