Friday, March 9, 2007

More on Beef n' Broc

Since I spent some time talking to Sherbs about the proper way to make beef and broccoli, even with soy "steak strips" (it includes cornstarch), I thought I should interject here that Chinese food is always better with just enough starch. Also, chili pepper.

Back before we were eating healthy, my mother used to make something called "double-fried noodles," where she'd make noodles, then fry the noodles in a pan so they had crispy outsides and a soft, noodly center. This would be served as an accent to another Chinese dish, like kung pao chicken. Man, I'd like to have some of those noodles again.

Although, on second thought, my trips in the East have taught me the value of a good white rice. Goes with anything.


Sherbs said...

Mmm...double fried noodles does sound absurdly tasty

And I'm not such a fan of rice. I think it's just boring

The Pedant said...

There is a whole world of rice out there, gal. And, as the East Asians say, the different kinds do taste different.

Mel said...