Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today's dinner was fish, which means that the Sherbs was nowhere nearby. I liked it anyway. It was tilapia, baked with pepper, served over rice with a pineapple and jalapeño relish and a honey and balsalmic vinegar sauce.

It was delicious, but I don't know how it would work without some dead animal protein, to which the Sherbs is opposed.

A short search of the Food Network recipe library (you can add it to your Mozilla search tab on this page) reveals that the only pineapple and jalapeño recipe they have is Emeril's "Pineapple Jalapeño Sorbet." And people wonder why I always change the channel when Mr. Lagasse is on.

Seriously, though, the sorbet has a perverse fascination for me. Spicy cold dessert sounds like it shouldn't work, but it just might. Maybe if the sorbet was mixed with some limoncello (lemon would be a complementary citrus flavor to the pineapple), which would make it a dessert which is cold, spicy, and alcoholic, then you'd be talking.

(how to I "peño" everything? HTML special characters, my friend.)


Sherbs said...

You can do a lot with ice cream and ice cream-like dessets. I come from a family where ice cream, sorbet, sherbet and gelatto are taken VERY seriously. I've tasted zuccini gilatto and have heard about my uncle making tomato ice cream (I don't like tomatos and was in a differnt country at the time so I was spared from that). I known on Iron Chef they've made bacon ice cream. I'm all for the jalepeno ice cream. Pedant, want to make some next weekend?

The Pedant said...

I'm game. Let's also get the limoncello.