Saturday, March 17, 2007

Actually Tried Mixed Drinks

Okay folks, it was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, so I decided to try my Dr. Pepper experiments. Here are the results:

  • Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan's - Fair. Don't really agree, don't quite disagree.
  • Dr. Pepper and Disaronno - Also fair. Whichever one there is more of, it tastes like.
  • Dr. Pepper and Chambord - Eh. Sort of cough-mediciny. Add vodka, and it would be one of those drinks you give to an impressionable young woman who will not realize the alcohol content of the beverage.
  • Dr. Pepper and Kahlua - Almost "good." Coffee and Dr. Pepper are close to complementary flavors.
  • Dr. Pepper and Bailey's Irish Cream - Avoid. It sort of tastes like an ice cream float at first, but then the Bailey's starts to curdle. While curdled Bailey's doesn't taste any different, it's got a really grotesque mouth feel.

There are yet more alcoholic drinks to try, but that's what I had little airline bottles of, and even with drinking only part of the mixture and dumping the rest in the sink, I got a little more of a buzz than I really wanted. You'll see me trying again, but not this week.


Sherbs said...

I still say the best would be vodka. It's the most nutural and therefore the safest.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the best alcohol to mix with Dr. Pepper would be brandy. Nothing beats the 24 flavors. Compliments well, but beware not to drown it.

Anonymous said...

Kaluah and Dr Pepper over crushed ice looks like quicksand but, tastes pretty good. Really sweet though, candy.