Thursday, March 8, 2007

What Flies over a Bay?

Food wise, nothing super exciting going on today. I actually had basically the same food today as I did yesterday. I did get to treat myself to a bagel this morning rather than the fat-free yogurt I've been eating each morning. And boy, I love bagels! Mmmm... All that carby goodness put together with cream cheesy deliciousness, I actually can't think of anything better.

Oh! I have it! I shall blog about....BAGELS!

According to this sometimes reputable site, bagels are eastern European in origin. Wait a tick, so am I! And, since I grew up culturally Jewish in a NYC suburb, I learned to properly eat babels at a ripe young age: at least once a week, not toasted, and NEVER Cinnamon-raisin. (Yes, yes, some people do like Cinnamon-raisin bagels. I laugh at them. To their face. Ha-ha.) Then, you place the remaining bagels sliced in the freezer. Cause all good Jews freeze. Everything.

Some people eat lox on their bagels. I HATE fish, so I don't.

But perhaps there is nothing better in life than a fresh everything bagel filled with an obscene amount of scallion cream cheese.

And never from a cart. They may be cheaper, but the cream cheese is a solid block and just not as good. Ick.

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