Thursday, March 29, 2007


My father was checking on the internet to see if an the flights advertised in the newspaper beat the prices that he got as "king of the internet," and they did not. I mused as to how cheap it must be to fly on Aeroflot.

Then I said, "while I appreciate having a girlfriend who loves me, it does mean that she prevents me from doing stupid things like flying on Aeroflot" (now safer, they say).

Separately, I got my Metropolitan Museum of Art store catalog, because I flouted Miss Manners's advice and bought a woman jewelry. This season, one of their bestsellers is Abraham Lincoln's hand.

Of course, hearing about the metallic disembodied hand of Abraham Lincoln, the first thing I think of is The Amazing Screw-On Head. Next thought: Hand of Vecna. And then, the Sam & Max game where you use the disembodied hand of Jesse James for just about everything.

It's such a bizarre item.


Annie said...

I also thought of sam and max.

you are allowed to buy a woman jewelry if you know what she would want.

The Pedant said...

Do women not want the bronzed hand of Abraham Lincoln.