Sunday, March 4, 2007

In the Papers

I got two entries printed as honorable mentions in the Washington Post's "Style Invitational" weekly humor contest. For whatever reason, they really seem to love my smacks at the Administration, even though I like my less political humor better.

In mixed drink news, Annie over at Jewbiquitous gave out some really good gift baskets (there is a religious term which I will not use for ease of reading for all of you laypeople out there) for the Jewish holiday of Purim, and I don't just say that because we share some degree of consanguinity, or because she also likes hamentaschen (traditional Purim cookies) with poppy seed filling, so I am not the only one (Sherbs is not a fan, sadly). She gave out vodka and V8 to make bloody Marys.

I am totally in favor of giving out more liquor on the holidays. When I was in Hong Kong, sometimes they'd take shots of vodka and scotch into the synagogue for in-service drinking. It was awesome.

Still no progress on the Dr. Pepper project. Will keep you posted.

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