Thursday, March 1, 2007

Learning from the Computer

A few weeks ago, Smelz told me about a website. Yesterday at circa 5 PM I preceded to get very bored (what happens when you stay at work 10 hours instead of 8) and visit the website. I played a game that is quite interesting, and fairly baffling.

Who knew the US has so many big states in such odd places?!! Not me!

I hail from New York, in a suburb of the city and the last 6 years living in the city itself. I have even ventured away from the city; I have been to (in no particular order): California (although only LA and San Diego), Rhode Island, New Jersey, Minnesota (go figure, right!?), Illinois (although only Chicago), Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania (well, Philly), South Carolina, Georgia (even to Savannah, well, for a day), Virgina, West Virginia (also for a day, that's more than you need), Maryland, Delaware (well, driving through at least), Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan, and Kentucky (well, the airport into Cincinnati is there...). Notice anything? Not many Midwestern or southwestern, or southern states...

However, after playing the 50 States Game, I had NO IDEA the size of some states. Did you know Montana is HUGE? And did you know Indiana is kind of north? I always figured it was south? And it's really difficult when the first state they give you is Utah. Go put that in the right place. Ha! I had no idea it was near Colorado! I also always figured Colorado was north, cause it's cold. But, no, it's not!

(ED. NOTE: Sherbs is not an idiot. She is fairly smart and prides herself on know all the states and their capitols (thanks to TV...), and does actually know some things about geography. Well, now she knows more cause she wants to get 100% on a computer game...)

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